Ten points to be paid attention to in installing water solenoid valve

1. The working medium of solenoid valve should be clean without particle impurities. The dirt and filter on the surface of the solenoid valve should be cleaned regularly.

2. The solenoid valve coil is upwards, and the vertical position is kept. The arrowhead or mark on the solenoid valve should be in accordance with the flow direction of the pipe. It should not be installed in the place where the water is splashed or the water is leaking.

3, before installing solenoid valves for water solenoid valves, pipes must be cleaned. It is recommended to install filters in front of valves and install steam traps in steam pipes.

4, in the pipeline system, the solenoid valve installed on the branch should be smaller than the diameter of the main pipe valve.

5, electromagnetic water valve can not be used in explosive hazardous situations.

6, the valve can not be installed in the pipe concave, so as not to precipitate the steam condensate and impurities in the valve and prevent action.

7, when the solenoid valve fails, in order to isolate solenoid valves in time and ensure the normal operation of the system, it is best to install bypass devices.

8, water solenoid valve in the pipeline rigidity is insufficient, it is recommended that the valve before the pipe fixed with bracket, so as not to cause electromagnetic valve vibration when working.

9, before installing the water solenoid valve, we should pay attention to see the product label clearly, read the instruction manual carefully, and judge whether the product meets the conditions of use.

10. The pressure gauge should be installed on the pipe before and after the solenoid valve, so as to observe the pressure of the pipeline. Ten points of attention should be paid to the installation of water solenoid valves.

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