Basic overview of the solenoid valve


Working principle
There are closed chambers in the solenoid valve, open holes in different positions, each hole connected with different tubing, the middle of the cavity is a piston, and the two sides are two electromagnets, which will be attracted to the body of the magnet coil, which opens or closes the different holes by controlling the movement of the body, and the fluid is often opened. Pressure oil enters different drain pipes and then pushes the piston of the cylinder through the pressure of oil. The piston then drives the piston rod, which drives the mechanical device. In this way, the mechanical movement is controlled by controlling the current of the electromagnet.
Main classification
1. The solenoid valve is divided into three categories from principle:
Direct actuated solenoid valve
Principle: when electricity is electrified, the electromagnetic force of the electromagnetic coil is brought up from the seat and the valve is opened; when the power is broken, the electromagnetic force is disappearing and the spring is pressed on the seat of the valve and the valve is closed.
Features: it can work normally in vacuum, negative pressure and zero pressure, but the diameter is generally not more than 25mm.
Step-by-step direct actuated solenoid valve
Principle: it is a combination of direct and pilot, when there is no pressure difference between the entrance and exit, after electricity, the electromagnetic force directly brings the pilot valve and the main valve close up, and the valve opens. When the entrance and exit reach the start pressure difference, after the electricity, the electromagnetic force pilot valve, the main valve lower chamber pressure rises, the upper chamber pressure drops, thus using pressure difference to push the main valve upward; when the power is broken, the pilot valve uses spring force or medium pressure to push the closure, move down, and turn the valve down.
Features: it can also operate at zero pressure difference or vacuum and high pressure, but the power is larger, and the installation must be installed horizontally.
Pilot solenoid valve
Principle: when electrifying, the electromagnetic force opens the pilot hole, the pressure of the upper chamber drops rapidly, forms a low high pressure difference around the closed part, the fluid pressure pushes the closure to move upwards and the valve opens; when the power is broken, the spring force closes the pilot hole, and the entrance pressure passes through the bypass hole to form lower lower around the closed valve parts. With high pressure difference, the fluid pressure pushes the shut-off parts to move downwards and close the valve.
Features: the upper limit of fluid pressure range is high, and it can be installed at any time.
2. The difference between the valve structure and the material from the valve structure and the material is divided into six branches: direct moving diaphragm structure, step direct moving diaphragm structure, pilot diaphragm structure, direct moving piston structure, step direct piston structure, and pilot piston structure.
3. The solenoid valve is classified according to its functions: water solenoid valve, steam electromagnetic valve, refrigerating electromagnetic valve, low temperature electromagnetic valve, gas electromagnetic valve, fire fighting solenoid valve, ammonia solenoid valve, gas electromagnetic valve, liquid electromagnetic valve, miniature solenoid valve, pulse solenoid valve, hydraulic solenoid valve, electric solenoid valve, oil solenoid valve and direct current solenoid valve. High pressure electromagnetic valve, explosion-proof electromagnetic valve and so on.


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